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The Greatest Love Story Part II: The Fall from Grace

The story of the fall from grace (Genesis 3) really is the most tragic story because in some ways we can all relate to it; it is the story within our own hearts. When Adam and Eve ate the fruit of the forbidden tree their eyes were opened in the sense that they were opened to a twisted and distorted way of seeing things; they were no longer able to see the good in one another, and they no longer recognised the image and likeness of God in one another, and so they felt a need to cover themselves.
We have all suffered or we have made others suffer from the failure to see the good in others. And just as Adam and Eve felt a need to cover themselves (Genesis 3:7) so at some stage in our lives we have all felt the need to cover ourselves in the sense that we no longer feel able to bare our heart and our soul to those who have hurt us in the past; preferring instead to hide our true thoughts and feelings in case we get hurt again.
We continue to see and feel the pain of shattered relationships; broken friendships and marriages, children separated from parents, nations at war, terrible damage done to the environment, and people turning away from God and then denying the existence of God. It is no surprise that people find it so difficult to comprehend a Trinitarian God of love, Father and Son united together as one in the love of the Holy Spirit, when we see so many broken relationships in the world around us, so many poor reflections of our God of love.
Like Adam and Eve we have all been afraid of getting into trouble, whether it was with parents or with a teacher or a boss at work or with the police or even with God. When we have done wrong, instead of just owning up and admitting to what we have done how many of us almost instinctively try to hide what we have done for fear of getting into trouble. And when we have been caught out how many of us desperately try to deny the wrong we have done, coming up with all sorts of excuses and even trying to blame others in order to avoid some sort of punishment.
And like our first parents how many of us have a deeply rooted fear of God, a fear that God will not forgive us, a fear that God does not love us, a fear that God will reject us, a fear that God will abandon us in death.

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