Jesus Christ God and man

When Jesus was questioned about marriage (Mark 10:2–9), Jesus deliberately takes us back to the beginning, to the story of creation in the book of Genesis, to remind us of God’s original plan for marriage.
Using figurative language the story explains that woman was formed from the rib of Adam (Genesis 2:21–22), from the side of Adam, to show that man and woman stand side by side, they are equal in the eyes of God. And by being made from the rib of Adam, man and woman are made from the same stuff so to speak in order to emphasise that just as man, the male, is made in the image and likeness of God so also is woman, the female, made in the image and likeness of God (Genesis 1:26–27).
But by calling her woman (Genesis 2:23), rather than calling her man, there is the recognition that man and woman also have some differences in their masculinity and femininity. They are equal but different. And it is in their differences as male and female that man and woman complement one another and complete one another.
And whilst the loving friendship of any two people imitates the loving union of our Trinitarian God, Father and Son united together as one in the love of the Holy Spirit, the loving union of man and woman, united together as one in the sacrament of Marriage, imitates the intimate and loving union of Jesus Christ and His bride the Church.
And in their openness to new life the couple imitate God’s own openness to new life, and the openness of the Church to new life, to new family members. In their willingness to accept children as a gift from God the couple express their desire to participate in His great work of creation.

Mum and Dad

My mum and dad on their wedding day
5th August 1972
Catholic Church of
Our Lady of Grace and Saint Teresa of Avila Chingford, London

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