Jesus Christ God and man

The Greatest Love Story Introduction

The whole of the Bible from beginning to end is essentially a love story in which our relationship with God is gradually revealed and deepened and finally brought to its fulfilment and completion in Jesus Christ. And it seems that the key to understanding this relationship with God is to be found in the sacrament of Marriage simply because our relationship with God is so often expressed in the language of marriage.
Sacred Scripture begins in the book of Genesis with the story of creation and the marriage of the first man and woman in the Garden of Eden (Genesis 1-2), and it ends in the book of Revelation with the new creation and another marriage, the wedding feast of the Lamb in which Jesus Christ, the bridegroom, takes to Himself His bride the Church (Revelation 19-22).
And so when you take the Bible as a whole it seems that the marriage of the first man and women looks forward to and anticipates the ultimate marriage which will take place at the end of time between the Creator and creation, between God and humanity, between Jesus Christ and His bride the Church. And those couples who embrace one another in the sacrament of Marriage are called by God to be living witnesses of the spousal love that Christ and the Church have for one another.

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